What do you think about solar products?

Solar products  are already used to power a variety of equipment: from mobile gadgets to electric vehicles. Historically, solar products  are the second attempt of mankind to harness the boundless energy of the Sun and make it work for our benefit.

There are passive and active systems and installations of solar heat supply. If we talk about passive systems, then the energy is absorbed and accumulated by either the elements of building structures alone or due to special additional devices. Since ancient times, people have been using solar energy when building a house: the use of thick walls, the location of windows on the sunny side, etc. Today, these methods are being upgraded. For example, the walls on the south side are painted black, and there is a glass surface in front of the walls, leaving an empty space between them. Due to this, the air between the surfaces is heated and it circulates in a house. Some people use the so-called “water wall”, which consists of fiberglass tanks filled with water.

The use of active systems is based on the installation of special collectors that convert solar energy into the heat we need. The use of solar collectors can be applied in many sectors of the economy and at home. High temperature can be obtained by means of reflecting solar collectors, which are equipped with lenses or mirrors (spherical, parabolic or parabolic ones). The principle of operation is that the light of the sun enters the heat sink and warms the liquid pumped by a special pump.

The solar energy is often obtained by solar cells, which are plates made of silicon, selenium, diselenide and other semiconductor materials.

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The power of solar products  is different. It can be a portable installation or a large power plant. The problem of sunlight in bad weather is solved by technical methods of accumulation.

The future of solar products  should be as bright as the sun itself.

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